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Accountancy Training Services

Ensuring that client staffs have the skills needed to be productive and maximise use of accounting and payroll software deployed is essential to getting the most out of these investments whilst getting and keeping the numbers right.

At Trinity, we understand the constraints on small to medium sized companies of training their staff, so we set out to optimise the time spent with us to maximise the value gained through the training experience.

Trinity training is "one to one" and as such is personalised to match the needs of the individual to be trained. A clear understanding of role, responsibilities and expectations enables our trainers to tailor training courses to exactly

match that needed in terms of hour's duration and scope. The services provided can be on or off client location as preferred, albeit that when training at client locations, we strongly recommend that an appropriate environment be provided to support the learning process.

All training services provided utilise SAGE accounting and/or payroll software, cover beginner and advanced tuition and for Payroll by example the service includes:

  • System overview and set up
  • Access rights / security
  • Pay elements
  • Employee records - customise / editing
  • Holiday schemes / absence diaries
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Working tax credits
  • Pension / loan schemes
  • Starters / leavers
  • SSP,SMP,SAP and SPP processing
  • Month end / year end processing
  • Rollback / restore
  • Report design

Linkage to accounts ( comprehensive training services available also).

Client Benefits

  • Accuracy, getting, keeping the numbers right
  • Productivity, less errors
  • Compliance with legislation

Call us today on 02380 465004 to discuss the services available with one of our consultants or simply email us with your requirements.

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